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How We Do It

We are highly disciplined in our approach to solving problems. We work in
a structured and methodical way – here's our approach in a nutshell:

Deep insight

Know the trends, the numbers and what they mean for your business

Smart thinking

Find smart solutions to your challenges

Make the case

Make the case with narrative and numbers

Make it happen

Mobilise funding and stakeholder support

Energy System Modelling

Our modelling approach integrates technical content, supplier information, and customer insights to capture the interplay between all elements of a system. This includes optimisation of tariffs (e.g. anytime-energy, time of use, contract maximum demand) with renewable energy generation, battery configuration and equipment selection, to minimise your cost of supply.

We have used these modelling techniques to develop a number of innovative consumer energy products.


An important aspect of improving energy performance is to understand current performance. AlunaBlu can assist clients deploy a cost-effective metering solution, as well as interpret the data to feed into a customised energy solution.

Consumer energy products

One of our clients was recognised with the Clean Energy Council Award for Innovation for a project AlunaBlu designed and delivered. The project had many elements, one of which was a highly engaging energy app that educated customers about their current energy use in an interactive manner; and ultimately allowed them to reduce their electricity bills.

We have also designed, developed and managed a number of energy monitoring, metering and demand response products and trials.

Energy strategy and policy

AlunaBlu utilises a proprietary decision-making tool to align strategic and project decision making with corporate objectives. The ability to undertake decision making across a set of corporate criteria (economic, social, environmental, stakeholder) leads to more informed and better decisions, as well as stronger organisational commitment to the strategy.

This can be applied to complex options analysis, strategic projects and new investment/product assessment. We have applied our process to a broad range of decisions including various energy supply strategies for large business, design and selection of new tariff structures, and to assessment of Policy positions.

Renewable energy resource assessment

This can include creating an energy supply portfolio customised to a wide range of corporate objectives. We have world class expertise in solar resource modelling and utilise our own purpose-built software to assess the optimal supply (and demand) mix for clients.

Marketing, products & pricing

We closely follow technological advances, regulatory changes and other sector developments, often participating in major industry events.

We have delivered first-to-market product development and valuable technology innovation for our clients.

Customer insights and energy analytics

We recognise that simple averages cannot accurately capture the preferences of either your customers or the marketplace as a whole, and so we use sophisticated statistical techniques to develop insights into effective product and marketing strategies.

We specialise in delivering smart customised solutions for your challenges. We turn insights into opportunities, and create innovative customer offerings to create value for your business.