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Scott Davis

Meet our founder

Scott Davis | Founder and Managing Director

Innovation, Strategy and Policy, New Energy Products and Technology, Leadership

Scott is our Big Picture person – his creative, strategic and analytical insights combine to produce thought-leading ideas – at both an Australian and global level. He is highly regarded in the energy industry for his in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and micro-grids and how utilities may respond to them. Scott is an excellent communicator and methodical in mobilising stakeholders – he makes things happen. Scott has a Masters in Renewable Energy, a Bachelor of Engineering and Energy Studies, is accredited in PROSCI Change Management Process and Six Sigma Green Belt Trained (Process Improvement Methodology). He was an advisor to EnviroDevelopment Green Leaf Energy Standard 2013.

Scott led the design and piloting of a new way of billing for electricity that works similar to mobile phone plans. The product increased customer understanding and engagement, and allowed customers to track their energy use with an app to save money. The client was awarded the Clean Energy Council Innovation Award 2017, which recognises the design and development of a ground-breaking Australian clean energy project, product or solution.

Scott also conceived and implemented Australia’s first location specific renewable energy feed in tariff, and associated battery requirements to manage system stability in small isolated electricity systems. He has led the development of a number of consumer energy products.

Furthermore, Scott is the creator of Energy Stack. The Energy Stack super-smart calculator works out the most efficient combination of energy companies and equipment for peoples homes – saving them time and money. It tells people how much they could save, what to buy, who to go with and how to get it done even if they don’t have spare cash. Find out more

Award Winning Founder

Power Ahead

AlunaBlu’s client Horizon Power has been recognised for innovation by national industry.

The Power Ahead research pilot was led by AlunaBlu’s founder Scott Davis, in the capacity of project director.


Best Customer Engagement Project
Australian Utility Innovation Awards

Joint Winner

Clean Energy Council Innovation Award

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Power Ahead Macbook

What People Say About Scott

David Martin

Power Ledger
Managing Director

"Scott is a 'big picture' person who thinks outside the box - an innovator with the ability to make difficult concepts easy for customers. He knows how to build and lead successful teams. Scott is highly regarded in the energy industry."

Steve Rogers

Pearl Clean Energy
Managing Director

"Scott is a commercially savvy guy with a strong grasp of the power industry. He has excellent analytical skills; manages projects well; pays attention to detail and always delivers a final product. If  we want something done and don’t have people available – we always give AlunaBlu or Scott  a call."

Mike Houlahan

Horizon Power
General Manager Commercial Services and Finance

"Scott helped Horizon Power to develop a new way of charging for electricity, similar to a mobile phone plan. He tackled a technical problem with a customer centric approach. The research pilot for the concept engaged customer’s and stakeholders in a meaningful way which has paved the way for the successful development and launch of the MyPower product."

Dermot Costello

Clean Energy Council
Regional Advisor WA

"Scott was Project Director for Horizon Power’s development of a mobile phone-type electricity plan. This was a nationally significant project – it tackled energy pricing innovation and meaningful customer collaboration. Scott also engaged many players in the industry, so that others could learn from the project. The pilot was co-winner of the Clean Energy Council’s 2017 Innovation Award and a finalist for the Business Engagement Award."

Luke O’Callahan


"This industry needs people like Scott who really care about solving energy problems for people. The importance of energy reform for Australia cannot be under-estimated; we need people who understand how these difficult issues can be managed. Scott is an innovator and he can make things happen."

Our Values

Developed in 2015, the AlunaBlu iconography stems from the word Aluna, meaning the Great Mother who is the force behind nature in the belief system of the Kogi people from Colombia. Aluna is the spiritual energy that makes things happen.

The addition of “blu” to the wording signifies blue ocean strategic thinking and Australian origin.

Our mission is to build products and services that make tomorrow better than today for humanity and the planet.

Positive Customer Relationships

AlunaBlu believes that without the customer, we cannot succeed in business and we strive to see the world through the customer’s eyes. We value customer feedback as a way of driving innovation and performance.

Delivery of Value

AlunaBlu values delivery to commitments, high-performance and professionalism to provide value to customers, shareholders and stakeholders. Value is considered in all aspects of our work and not just the financial margin.

Clean Energy, Sustainable Development and Wellbeing

AlunaBlu values responsible economic development for future generations. We strive to make a positive impact on the environment and the wellness of people. We keep our team, our clients, our stakeholders and our environment safe.


AlunaBlu is adaptable and flexible in our business practices and processes. We innovate and use smart thinking to provide customised solutions for our customers.


AlunaBlu is committed to providing fit for purpose quality in every product, solution, service, and endeavour of our company. We act with integrity by being open, honest and fair.

Our Team

AlunaBlu team members and associates are experienced and capable professionals who have worked all around the world for amazing companies and projects. Our founder, Scott Davis also has a deep network of industry contacts and can build diverse teams for specific projects.

Claudia Cortes

Claudia Cortes

Study Management, Energy Audit

Claudia is our study manager and energy auditor. She has a great way of collaborating with people to get things done on time, with amazing attention to detail. Claudia has worked with RioTinto Coal, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, KBR, FAST and Concort Ltda in Western Australia, Indonesia and in Chile. She studied Engineering in Chile, Project Management in Australia, and is completing her accreditation as an energy auditor.

Ross Bowden

Dr Ross Bowden

Statistics, Pricing, Forecasting and Industry Insight – Associate Consultant

Ross is our advisory boffin. He has a PhD in statistics from Murdoch University and has four decades of experience in the energy industry. In that time, he’s introduced ground-breaking financial and statistical concepts into system planning, pricing management and retail operations. He has undertaken many projects in market research and analysis, short and long-term forecasting and cost-based retail pricing as well as applying advanced statistical methods to a wide range of business problems. He also has an accomplished academic record with a rare knack of explaining complex analytical issues in plain English. Ross has a bachelor’s degree, post graduate diploma and master’s degree in statistics. He is our go-to man for advice on sophisticated analytical solutions to challenging corporate issues. Ross and Doctor Harry Suehrcke previously won a 'Best Paper Award – Solar Energy' (The Official Journal of the International Solar Energy Society).

Dr Harry Suehrcke

Dr Harry Suehrcke

Thermal and Solar Energy Specialist – Associate Consultant

Harry has over 25 years of engineering experience and is an accomplished design engineer, research engineer and academic specialising in energy systems. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Australia. Harry has been a member of a Standards Australia committee for over 15 years. The committee manages heated water systems, solar & heat pump water heaters, as well as space heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Harry has published nineteen papers in academic international journals that have been cited over 600 times, and has several patents. He is fluent in English and German and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University. Harry and Ross Bowden previously won a 'Best Paper Award – Solar Energy' (The Official Journal of the International Solar Energy Society).

Sue Griffin

Sue Griffin

Marketing, Communications, Product Development – Associate Consultant

Sue is our story teller – she has a way of conveying complex and technical ideas via engaging and easy-to-understand narratives that people can understand and buy into. She is acutely tuned into audience and customer and takes them on the journey. She is an accomplished marketer with a strong record in customer insight and product development. Sue studied Marketing in South Africa and is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System auditor (UK).